National Shipping, Trucking & Freight Hauling Services

Red Sun Transport Co. is a new element in transportation. Red Sun provides the safest, most reliable and most importantly, professional transportation in the trucking service industry.

Providing on-time and dependable service to our customers is what drives our company to further succeed in this competing market. We tailor to meet our customer’s requirements by providing all types of transportation modes. Whether you need a shipment delivered from Detroit to Florida or from Maine to California, we take pride in our ability to get your shipment to your desired destination as quickly and as safely as possible.

Red Sun Transport Co. is a locally owned company based out of Clinton Township, Michigan. Red Sun was established in 2009, as the demand for effective and efficient transportation has become more and more important. The strength of our company is that we provide person-to-person communication. You will not struggle with the hassle of listening to a recording or pressing “1” for English. You will be in direct contact with one of our professional staff members who can assist you with any service you are looking for.

We strongly believe that to succeed in the trucking business we must focus on fulfilling customers’ needs from the very first time you dial our phone number, to booking a load with us, and finally the confirmation that the load was successfully delivered on time. Maintaining a strong relationship with our customers is what separates us from the competition. Our in house team has over 20 years of combined experience in the transportation business that can satisfy your transportation needs.